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Our Customer Testimonials

These bands are perfect for adding weight to your body weight exercises without actually buying more weight. If you live in a small studio like me, I don't want exercise machines and weights littered all over the place. A resistance band system like this keeps my living area tidy and me healthy. The belt has 2 sets of loops upper and lower for arms or legs. Hook up the resistance bands, be creative and you can work out many muscle groups with increased resistance. Rotate the belt front to rear and vice versa and you can criss cross the resistance bands for various upper body workouts. Having these hooked up to my waist belt is an improvement over just basic resistance bands for people like me who don't have a lot of space to attach bands. My favorite uses are: -Ankle to belt to do squats and leg exercises. -wrist to belt for triceps -crisscross the bands to the wrists and you can do shoulder exercises -short bands from back to wrist for push up resistance I'm sure I will come up with more as I continue to use this product.

Earl Mathieson

Came in a bag with good packaging and it seems very good quality. After testing it out I could tell there was resistance the moment I attached the bands and it takes effort just to put your hands out in front of you. Overall a great product for a reasonable price and I can't wait to get in my first training sesh with this.

Darryl Caomhan

I don't have a gym membership so was looking for something to help add resistance training to my normal workout videos at home. Let me just stay these bands brought my workout to a whole nother level! I've tried hand held resistance bands before but these are way more versatile, and can be used with any moves/exercises. It's pretty self explanatory, was able start using these bands on the first try. Basically, put on the body strap, shorter resistance bands are for the arms and the longer straps are for the legs. I'm very pleased with the product so far and can't wait till I can start incorporating some MMA moves into my workout. For now, I suffice with throwing a few punches when I need to let out some steam. I would recommend these bands to athletes and non-athletes (me!) alike who are looking to get an intense workout in a short amount of time.

Conrad F.

They work really well and I’m pleased just need more resistance on bands

Willie Lowe

So glad I got these, I haven't got much boxing equipment at home but these are life savers especially when I'm in this damn quarantine. They work really well and I also use for my calisthenics workouts.

Damian G.